Whittle Waxes presents the Object Oil, a new versatile coating that can be used as a finish, as well as for the maintenance of existing interior waxed surfaces.

A non-toxic, highly repairable interior timber coating, Object Oil is recommended for use on any interior timber surface, especially on timber floors. Easily applied and maintained, the new coating has a broad application range, particularly on commercial and high-traffic timber floors.

The easily repairable floor can be re-buffed after heavy use to rejuvenate it; the ease of application makes the coating an ideal DIY product. Object Oil floor coating is also suitable for OBS boards and exotic timber.

Whittle Waxes Object Oil is ideal for all interior surfaces, especially heavily used floors, as well as interior fittings, panelling and cabinetry. The floor is left to cure overnight after application with the surface ready for use the next morning; the floor must be kept dry for approximately seven days.

Key benefits of Whittle Waxes Object Oil coating include no applicator marks left in the finished coating; no contaminants in the coating; and potential for application as a one-coat system.