Wet-seal Australia  is a company which offers the sealing or waterproofing systems. Wet-seal Australia has a core in-house team who possess specialised skills in key disciplines. The specialist skills are offered in both the Franchise System and Waterproofing Systems.

The Franchise and waterproofing systems include performance measurement, system design and tracking, training workshops, rewards and recognition and events, conferences, communication and marketing strategies.

The service offered by Wet-seal Australia is supported by procedures and systems that have been improved and refined in due course and through experience.

The first application of every system must be ideal. This is the way to completely waterproof any of the wet areas. Wet-seal Australia has a widespread hi-tech, particularly formulated variety of products that are appropriate for every sealing and waterproofing application, both externally and internally.

The products offered by Wet-seal Australia are used for both commercial and residential applications. Wet-seal Australia regularly updates and expands its range of products to enable it to supply the most up-to-date and practical solution for every waterproofing requirement.

Waterproofing sealants and systems offered by Wet-seal Australia are available exclusively through the network of Franchisees located all over the country.