Wet-seal Australia  offers a variety of products which are ideal for various purposes. The products from Wet-seal Australia enable normal movement of building without cracking or tearing, the products are seamless thus preventing weak joints, they are resistant to damage due to detergents and cleaning agents and they fit in any size or shape.

Water proofing systems offered by Wet-seal Australia include chemically resistant membranes, flexible membranes, specialised low irritant, cementitious membranes and bituminous membranes.

Each of these products has its uses in different internal and external areas. The external uses of chemically resistant membranes include garden ponds and planter boxes. These membranes are also suited for showers, bathrooms, ensuites, powder rooms and laundries.

Flexible membranes have external uses in balconies, decks, patios and roofs. Specialised low irritant has its applications for internal areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, asthmatics and elderly person’s homes.

Cementitious membranes have its uses in both internal and external areas. The internal area’s uses include basements and planter boxes. The external uses include water tanks, tanking, retaining walls and garden ponds.

Bituminous membranes have uses in external areas that include water tanks, tanking, retaining walls, box gutters, repairs to bitumen membranes, roofs and garden ponds.