Wet-seal Australia  offers wet-seal primers and sealers for concrete and masonry surfaces. Wet-seal primers and sealers for concrete surfaces are suited for both internal and external areas. The internal applications include bathrooms, garage floors and lift wells, while the external uses are seen in retaining walls, underground tanking and carports.

Through Wet-seal primers and sealers for concrete surfaces, hardness is increased and moisture vapour transmission is reduced, they provide barrier coating over wet or green concrete and are highly tolerant barrier to prevent permeation for walls, floors, reservoirs and water storage tanks or water seepage.

Wet-seal finished coatings are also offered by Wet-seal Australia that includes rigid floor coating systems, flexible trafficable coating systems and slip resistant rubberised coating systems.

The quality of the waterproofing products meets the requirements of Australian Standard, Systems for a variety of applications, Technical Help Lines and Wet-seal Australia is one of the Industry leaders.

Other benefits of the products include complete flexibility in shape and size, extensively researched and tested products, comprehensive and extensive training in all systems, friendly professional service, stringent occupational health and safety requirements and compliance with 'new' waterproofing code.