There are various Vigil Antislip products for industrial applications. The Star Nosings product range has protects against the dangers posed by cracked, polished or damaged stairs as a result of exposure to weather conditions. This is done by re-profiling the stair’s outer edge and increasing the shoe contact area. Vigil Antislip claims that the outer edge of the nosing will not wear or dislodge.

Star Noising products can be permanently fitted and is not capable of being loosened from rough use or vibrations.

Vigil Antislip’s ladder rung covers eliminate slipping risk in ladders by increasing the surface area for foot contact and friction visibility. The life of the cover will not be affected by spillages or corrosive fluids. Ladder rung cover are manufactured with square or tubular profiles and are available in any cross section or diameter. Ladder rung covers are manufactured in yellow cover for providing a brilliant visual highlight.

Vigil Antislip Vinyl Deck has been designed to remove the risk of injuries and to control the flow of traffic of newly laid vinyl or concrete flooring. The product is also used for eliminating the risks of slipping due to spillage on existing floors. Vigil Antislip Vinyl Deck can be applied on the floor surface after cutting the material to the size of the floor. The antislip material has been designed not to crack, fade, delaminate or be lifted.