Vigil Antislip  is the trading name of Australian-owned Prism Pty Ltd., which manufactures the Vigil Antislip brand of industrial slip control products. Since 1988, Vigil Antislip products are being exported to over sixty countries.

Vigil Antislip products are sold using limited distributors, who also provide services to clients. All Vigil Antislip distributors are trained in the installation and application of antislip products. They have the capability to determine which Vigil Antislip product will suit the requirements of clients, after conducting exhaustive hazard assessment surveys.

Vigil Antislip products are sold to in Asia, Europe, the US and the Middle East. Vigil Antislip has entered the commercial market recently and has established itself well in the user markets of technology and architecture.

Vigil Antislip products exhibit long-term antislip properties and are designed to reduce slipping risks in ramps, ladders and stairways. Vigil Antislip seeks to provide the public and workers a safe environment to work. Vigil Antislip products find applications in industrial as well as commercial areas.

All Vigil Antislip metal back premium gold antislip products are warranted by Prism Pty Ltd. for 10 years from the date of purchase. The features covered under warranty are wear resistance under normal conditions and usage, degradation resistance to surface exposure to solvents and corrosion resistance subject to non installation of Colorbond-based products in splash zones. However, Prism Pty Ltd. does not take any responsibility for the damage to Vigil Antislip products arising from inappropriate treatment, abuse or inaccurate installation.