Any avoidable risk in the workplace will eventually result in an accident. The consequences - injury or even death - can be devastating to your workforce, your productivity and your profitability. There may also be serious legal ramifications.

That is why choosing the right products to reduce or eliminate the risk of slips, trips and falls in the work environment is literally a life or death decision. Vigil Antislip products, including stair treads offer maximum antislip properties over the long term. These stair treads effectively eliminate or reduce the risks inherent in stairways, ladders or ramps.

This stair tread product is designed to minimise the risks inherent on stairways, whilst complementing the existing decor. Vigil Antislip stair treads will not wear, break or fade and can be used to re-profile and cover polished or chipped steps. They are ideal for both interior and exterior use, and are available in a range of colours on an anodized brass or aluminium extruded base.

Vigil Antislip stair treads are quickly, easily and permanently installed with Sikaflex 291 adhesive. Buildings such as Melbourne’s QV1 and QV2 tower buildings and both Adelaide and Queensland University Campuses have Vigil Antislip’s stair treads.