Ukko Saunas , supplier of wooden hot tubs spas and saunas, has introduced a new line of Ofuro type bath tubs. These Ofuro tubs are designed from the traditional Japanese style bath tubs.

The extra depth, length and width allows several size body to soak in a completely natural relaxed position, there is plenty of room for romantic pleasure for two.

All these combined with high quality wood and craftsmanship make these tubs truly enjoyable. Ofuro tubs craftsmanship comes from the ancient art of Cooperage (barrel making).

This two person Ofuro soaking tub is suitably suited for any cottage, garden or back yard settings. Each tub is hand crafted from Canada's fine clear Western Red Cedar timber and unlike most bath tubs can withstand the harshness of outdoor usage. Cedar is one of the good woods for outdoor usage and has always been the choice for boat and canoe builders.

It aromatic oils make it impervious to decay and insects and its rich colour will enhance décor. Ukko Saunas use only the fine materials including architectural stainless steel straps that will never rust or bleed the beautiful wood.

Unlike traditional spas, Ofuro hot tub needs no chemicals to treat the water. When finished soaking, you can simply drain the water and use it on your garden or loan without ever harming the environment. The thick wood walls allow the tub to retain the heat almost two times better than a regular tub.