Ukko Saunas  has a range of compact sized saunas which are suitable for multi-dwelling residential projects.

This is a compact, one person sauna which has been specifically designed to fit into a small sized bathroom and can easily be installed next to a shower cubicle.

The seating space has been maximised by putting an ultra compact heater in the compact sized sauna so there is ample room for one bather. The compact sized saunas heats up quicker than other models because of its compact size.

The angled doorway facilitates easy access to both the sauna and the shower and gives a more spacious feeling as it requires very little outside opening space. You can choose which way the door opens.

The compact sized saunas features a chamfered higher bench which provides optimal seating comfort by saving foot space and allowing a natural seating position.

A pre-built sauna is a great way to add luxury to any residential building project, whether you are installing them into all units or simply to enhance the penthouse-style executive apartments. The compact sized saunas are also a great add-on to the resale value of any home.

Ukko Saunas offers a range of incentives and a supply and delivery service to all trade orders, regardless of the size of the order.

Ukko Saunas also offer factory made custom sized pre-built sauna kits for larger orders. For corner installations, Ukko Saunas also has corner models which have 5 angles instead of four.