Ukko Saunas  provides tips for sauna maintenance.

Sauna maintenance is an important issue if you would like to enjoy your sauna for years to come. The good news is that having your own sauna requires very little effort to maintain.

Taking care of the timber:

While sweating in a sauna may cause discoloration of the timber over time, it is easy to avoid by simply sitting on a towel.

The high temperature inside the sauna takes good care of the moisture build-up on the walls and ceiling.

Leave the door open for about half an hour to an hour after sauna session to ensure the sauna dries off completely.

As mentioned, using towel to sit on is a good idea to keep the benches in better condition. You still need to clean them now and then depending on how often you use the sauna. Normally every three to four months.

Remember, not to use any harsh or ammonia based chemical cleaners as this may damage the timbers.

You can use mild detergent to wash the wood and rinse it with clear water afterwards. Or even better use one of our product specifically designed for this purpose.

TOLU sauna cleaner is good for cleaning and removing stains. It must be mixed with the water in a non-metallic container.

While wearing rubber gloves wash with the brush the entire area of each wall and bench. Rinse them with clear water when finished. It is also ok to slightly sand the wood if it becomes heavily discoloured.