The new discrete PolyStud tactile indicator from TredRight was installed at the Merton Grange Girls Grammar. PolyStud was chosen for its resilience to infrastructure abuse property. It is designed to complement exotic substrates and installation in aesthetically sensitive areas.

According to Melbourne’s Damian J Rice, CEO of DJ Rice, PolyStud from TredRight, was a suitable discrete indicator based on its appearance and reputation. The extra large 20mm x 8mm anchoring spigot and an anti-slip rating of R11, was highly regarded when considering a product type for the hardwood decking features.

The unique formulation of PolyStud protects the substrate from any possible damage. The Installation of PolyStud at DJ Rice looks good on blue gum decking features, with safety a major priority the TredRight team facilitated thirty seven lineal meters within the specified time frame. The project was completed on July 08.