TredRight  offers gymnasium impact tiles that offer strength and durability in an inclusive range of colours. Gymnasium Tiles are a full impact attenuating flooring system. Gym tiles perform like a big rubber mat which is suitable for spin studios, cardio and weights areas when it gets positioned. These tiles are made from recycled rubber automotive tyres.

There are various key benefits of gymnasium impact tiles offered by TredRight. The benefits include impact attenuating surface for spin studios, cardio and weights areas, reduction in noise, auditory benefits and high thermal qualities, reduction in vibrations of machines and motor drive train fatigue.

There are other benefits also such as minimisation of maintenance costs, these tiles have been proven to encourage blood circulation and promote whole body stress relief. They also protect equipment, existing flooring and reduce the requirement for sit up mats.

TredRight also offers interlocking gymnasium mats which are long-lasting and can be connected firmly under the tightly fitting top surface. Gym Lock mats have been deliberately engineered to bear up pin loaded machines, heavy weight and relentless high impact treatment.

The benefits of interlocking gymnasium mats include formation of modular islands or stations for an inclusive flooring system, which prevents unpleasant ware to existing or bad quality flooring. These are also odourless, slip resistant, require less maintenance, increase the life span of machines by reducing drive train and belt motor fatigue and reduce maintenance costs.