TredRight  is one of the prime installation experts and suppliers of commercial and domestic flooring and safety, rubber safety and surfaces for the vision impaired.

The products offered by TredRight include tactile ground surface indicators, polymeric pad indicators, plastic tactile indicator studs and stainless steel tactile studs.

TredRight also offers products for gymnasiums such as gymnasium impact tiles, interlocking gymnasium mats, locking tiles and duralast rubber rolls.

Tactile ground surface indicators are laid to effectively guide pedestrians during the traversing road-crossings, public buildings and hazard zones. Tactile ground surface indicators consist of two main uniform profiles. These profiles include the hazard profile and the direction indicator tile profile.

The hazard profile consists of raised roundels through which a hazard zone is defined. These roundels can be configured with another safety direction indicator tile as well.

The direction indicator tile profile consists of a series of barbell-shaped lugs which are laid to point out the direction of travel. Ground Surface Indicators are available as individual free form components and in tile form.

The products of TredRight meets the guidelines of slip resistance for pedestrian crossings, walk ways, external ramps and every need of the Australian Building Code of Australia.

The main benefits of the products include low cost method of meeting regulation guidelines, quick installation with negligible pedestrian disturbance and bold colour fastness which is ideal for external and internal use.