For applications that require door systems which adhere to the most stringent conditions imposed by BSL4 level containment, BSL4 bio containment doors from The Sealeck Group are well suited.

Comprising of a door and frame system that ensures absolute containment and high differential pressure, these bio containment doors can be used in masonry or stud wall applications.

The stainless steel door leaf on these doors is fully seamless, preventing bacteria entrapment and making cleaning and fumigation procedures simpler.

All faces are linished, and only inorganic materials are used internally in the construction of the door leaf.

BSL4 bio containment doors feature a full perimeter inflatable pneumatic edge seal and electromagnetic locking that can be incorporated into an existing laboratory air supply and computer access control system.

The pneumatic edge seal is further improved by 200mm radii at all four corners of the door leaf and frame.

Air supply and wiring are hidden from view, exiting the door frame at the head of the door within the wall system, and hence are not detrimental to room pressurisation or bacteria entrapment.

Provided ready to install into a preformed 25mm or 50mm deep floor recess, these bio containment doors allow a threshold flush with the finished floor level.

The floor level threshold plate is provided at 300mm wide to enable the threshold to meet with vinyl or other floor coverings well away from the intersection with the door system.

BSL4 bio containment doors can be manufactured to a maximum of 2900mm high x 1400mm wide leaf dimension, providing a flat threshold width for trolley or wheelchair access up to 1000mm.

A 495mm diameter Sealeck 30 series spun stainless steel porthole with invisible fixings is also provided standard with these doors.