The Sealeck Group offers a wide range of high security doors, windows, pass through units and counters.

The high security door range includes Sentraguard, bullet resistant and blast doors.

The standard Sentraguard has been specifically designed to deter intruders, using a door core enveloped with the unique Sealeck steel skin. Providing intruder resistance to AS3555 standards, Sentraguard high security doors can be supplied in a selection of finishes and colours. This security door is suitable for a range of applications.

The Sealeck attack and bullet resistant metal clad door ensures security protection from intruder attack (AS3555) and bullet attack (AS2343). These high security bullet resistant doors are supplied in a range of colours and finishes, meaning they provide both security and aesthetic appeal. They can be installed in external or internal applications where the threat of attack is most likely to occur.

Sealeck blast resistant doors are designed to minimise the effects of blast damage. The door set has been fully tested in actual blast conditions at the Woomera Rocket range. During the test a 500kg TNT blast was detonated 30m from the door which was installed in a concrete bunker. Available in a choice of different surface finishes, these blast resistant doors can be used in commercial and industrial applications.

Additional information on the high security door range is available from The Sealeck Group.