Satisfying Australian requirements for bullet and intruder resistance, Securaguard security windows from The Sealeck Group mix function and aesthetics when applied as part of an overall secure unit.

These security windows can be supplied either as a single unit, or installed in conjunction with a bullet and attack resistant counter, pass thru unit or door.

With a maximum glass panel size of 1200 x 2400mm, these windows are made to order by The Sealeck Group to cater to a variety of wall thicknesses and structural openings.

Various wall fixings are supplied for installation in steel, timber stud and concrete wall openings.

Securaguard security windows are available with a range of features which include:

  • standard primed steel finishes on window frames and glazing beads
  • pre-fitted glazing beads for simple site installation
  • bullet resistance ratings of G1, G2, R1/S1 and R2; and
  • split two piece frames for retro fit or variable wall thickness applications.
For an additional outlay, the windows are available with powdercoated, two pack wet painted, 304 No4 and 316 No4 stainless steel finish framing and glazing beads.

For security windows up to and including G2 bullet resistance, 35mm polycarbonate or combination glass / polycarbonate glazes can be provided.

All windows above the G2 rating will be supplied with combined glass / polycarbonate product only.

Tinted, Mirror striped and one way combined glass / polycarbonate can also be supplied at additional cost.