Leading manufacturer of raised floors and airflow management solutions, Tate Tasman Access Floors introduces the new Directional Perf airflow panels for the data centre market.

Tate’s Directional Perf perforated directional airflow panels help direct airflow from the raised floor plenum to the data centre racks where cooling is required to offset heat loads.

Similar to DirectAire airflow panels, Directional Perf panels also deliver airflow to standard server racks at an angle, increasing the rate of Total Air Capture (TAC) and helping eliminate bypass air, which saves operating expenses and reduces capital expenditures on cooling equipment in new facilities.

The perforated panels feature a 25% open area, compared to 68% for DirectAire panels for applications that require less airflow but more directionality to save energy by more precisely matching cooling with heat loads.

Also recommended as an alternative to aisle containment, Directional Perf airflow panels deliver 93% of the airflow directly to the face of the rack, eliminating bypass airflow and mixing of airstreams. Unlike other airflow panels that deliver airflow in a vertical plume from the floor, the Directional Perf offers directional airflow to provide effective containment, thereby reducing the need for rigid containment structures.

Tate is a leading manufacturer of raised access floors and in-floor cooling systems for data centres.