Data centre owners are aware of the importance of cooling performance, especially its impact on aspects such as operational efficiency and downtime of the facility.

Optimising the cooling performance of the data centre can often be the most critical aspect of efficient operation and downtime reduction, given that these performance markers may translate into getting the best tenants and improving lease rates.

Raised floors offer the flexibility to deploy any IT solution and cooling strategy in a data centre. The raised floor goes beyond merely providing the signature look of the facility to offering the flexible service distribution path needed to address constant change while maintaining a clean and organised facility.

The space under the raised floor can be used in myriad ways from power and cable management to return air distribution. Proper airflow management strategies can maximise the performance of any cooling solution from fully economised systems to a raised floor supply plenum.

The engineers at Tate Access Floors can develop an optimised strategy for clients to meet their operational goals using Tate’s full range of airflow management products. Regardless of whether the goal is to minimise labour on airflow adjustment or maximise cooling performance to save energy, Tate’s dedicated team of data centre engineers and solutions can achieve the optimum balance between performance, cost and flexibility to service the facility.