Tate Tasman Access Floors  introduces the PowerAire Quad fan assist modules for the data centre market. The new module uses four fans connected in parallel to provide built-in redundancy and is ideal for retrofit situations with low finished floor heights.

Similar to the original PowerAire fan-assist module, the PowerAire Quad fan assist modules effectively manage the cooling requirements for dense server racks and blades by providing a blast of cooling through the DirectAire airflow panel.

Only four inches deep, PowerAire Quad is ideal for retrofit situations with finished floor heights as low as 190mm. The unit automatically turns on when conditions require additional cooling.

Multiple control options available with the PowerAire Quad:

  • PowerAire Quad C: Client controlled
  • PowerAire Quad S: 1 rack-mounted sensor
  • PowerAire Quad M: 3 rack-mounted sensors

Key features of PowerAire Quad fan assist modules:

  • Variable-speed fan drives allow all four fans to be throttled up or down based on heat-load requirements
  • Ideal for cooling tough hot spots in data centres
  • Easy to install in retrofit applications or as part of a new, advanced cooling strategy
  • Zero maintenance design
  • High precision and quick response temperature measurement
  • Viewable peak temperature for walkthrough check of each rack
  • Available with 100-120V or 200-240V power input options

Tate Tasman Access Floors is a market leader in the manufacture of raised access floors, in-floor cooling systems and airflow management solutions for data centres.