Tasman Access Floors  is a supplier of ramps, steps and fascias that form the integral finishing elements for most access floors.

Ideal for entries, exits, and general office applications, these ramps, steps and fascias are custom built on site by Tasman Access Floor's skilled installers to function and appear as if they are part of the structural access floor.

As they cater for heavy amounts of foot traffic in often highly visible areas, it is important that the construction and installation of ramps, steps and fascias involves significant consideration.

These fixtures need to be durable, strong and well finished, and to ensure this Tasman Access Floors use standard building guidelines suitable to the level of loading to produce their ramps, steps and fascias.

All structural components of these ramps, steps and fascias are built from 25mm structural timber. The incline surface on ramps and the tread surface on steps are finished with studded rubber, offering a high degree of grip and durability. Furthermore, fascia and stair corners are protected by aluminium nosing that has a rubber insert for better grip.

Tasman Access Floors installers complete all fixtures with a quality finish and a level of consistency, and, if known at the outset, Tasman Access Floors is able to quote for ramps, steps and fascias in the original scope of works, providing the customer with a cost effective and accurate price for the completion of the access floor.