126 Phillip Street is a 40 storey office development, which represents Australia’s first premium grade, high rise, remote core CBD tower and will provide 360 degree access to light and views. The building design aims to achieve an environmental brief and, as part of this brief, the intention is to optimise useful daylight to the office floor plate and enhance occupant’s thermal and visual comfort. A facade design was developed with which the building will meet the requirements of the architectural and environmental concepts.

A base building ABGR four star energy efficiency rating is achievable, daylight penetration is sufficient to read by for 80 per cent of the working year through a portion of the office space. Visual discomfort is minimised as long as sunlight penetration is excluded from the space. Thermal comfort conditions are acceptable throughout the office floor plate and lift lobbies. The risk of condensation in the atrium is minimal and there will be no risk of reflected solar glare from the glazed facades.

The need for large column free space necessitated the use of raised access floors. Tasman Access Floors were the preferred raised access floors specialists for approximately 22,000m2 at 126 Phillip Street. Tasman Access Floors installed Tasman Tascor TC750UTC100 Unifix ‘Medium Grade’ Access Floor System as the major product mix throughout 17 floors.

The Unifix System is unique and exclusive to Tasman Access Floors and the innovative ‘Unifix’ System features corner fixing screws and understructure location lugs, which safely and securely lock the panels in position. This creates a rigid access floor membrane that provides easy access and a very stable surface. The Unifix System is commonly specified for all general office environments, lifts lobbies, dealing rooms, trading rooms, call centres and casino/gaming facilities and is available in medium, heavy and extra heavy performance grades to suit each application.

Tasman Tascor TC1000SXHTC104 Stringered ‘Heavy Grade’ Access Floor System with HPL was installed for computer rooms. Tasman Tascor TC1000UTC100 Unifix ‘Heavy Grade’ Access Floor System was installed for the compactus zone. One of the unique requirements for this project was to accommodate a stone finish. Tasman accomplished this by simply dropping the understructure by 19mm, so that the stone finish was flush with the rest of the flooring and met building requirements.

The Tasman Tascor TC1000UTC100 Unifix ‘Heavy Grade’ access floor system was specified for 900m2. Tasman’s Unifix Heavy Grade access floor system suits a heavy duty environment where there are high densities of people and / or equipment. The space is likely to be subject to extreme levels of foot traffic, heavy equipment loads and frequent rolling loads in the corridors and aisle ways. It has a safety factor of three times the concentrated (design) load, and is capable of meeting heavy static and dynamic loads per AS4154 – 1993 Australian Standard – General Access Floors.

The Tasman Tascor TC1000SXHTC104 Stringered ‘Heavy Grade’ Access Floor System with HPL is frequently specified for computer / equipment rooms, as well as information processing centres and telecommunications exchange / switching centres. The Stringered System is quiet and provides a very comfortable walk, sound and feel, with laboratory tests measuring excellent acoustic performances. The entire access floor system achieves a safety factor of three times the concentrated (design) load, thus providing integrity and peace of mind for the tenants, during the life of the floor.

Tasman Access Floors won two Contractor of the Month awards for Safety and Onsite Contractor Performance during the construction period.