In Australia the sun is so strong that it has some of the highest levels in the world. Sunmaster Australia Sun Shading can help
 to protect you from up to 93% of them proving protection for yourself and your belongings. In turn the Sunmaster Sun Shading system
saves expensive energy bills from using an air conditioning system.

Homes that have Single-sheeted glass are receiving more than 85% direct sunlight and radiation. Sunmaster Shading systems protect you
 in both the summer and winter months insulating your home from either the heat or the cold.

A “greenhouse” effect is created as solar heat enters through the glass and is absorbed by objects in the room. A barrier is created by
installing Sunmaster Australia to your home or office as it blocks out most of the harmful ray’s from the sun before they can reach the glass.
This is achieved by the specially created fabric that contains absorbing compounds to reflect the harmful ultra-violet light.

For more information please go to Sunmaster Australia website