Sunmaster Australia  offers the Sunmaster external rollscreen shade which features a pre-assembled blind with a transparent fibreglass cover. These rollscreen sunshades are suitable for use in domestic and commercial applications and are available in three different models measuring 67mm 85mm and 97mm.

Sunmaster external roller screens can deflect up to 93% of solar heat, helping to save costs on the power required to run air-conditioning. The external rollscreens are also retractable, allowing for the winter sunshine to enter through the window, enabling the solar radiation to assist with heating the home, and therefore reducing the cost of heating.

The blind fabrics and powder coated frames are available in a wide range of colours, ensuring that the rollscreen shades blend in with any design and that the blinds are unobtrusive in the retracted position.

Sunmaster external rollscreen shades are manufactured to endure all types of weather and atmospheric conditions. They are

Sunmaster outdoor rollscreens protect the entire exposed window framing as well as the glazed area, preventing the transfer of heat through window mullions.

All models can be operated using motorised and external and internal winding handle systems.