External sun shades from Sunmaster Australia offer protection from the high ultra-violet levels that exist in Australia.

Sunmaster sun control shades are stylish while providing protection for up to 93% of the UV rays, ensuring a more comfortable living area as well as protecting furniture from sun damage. External sunshades can also reduce the need for costly air conditioning and in the winter months they are also able to help save energy.

External sun shades are ideal for use over single sheeted clear glass as the glass can let in more than 85% of direct solar radiation. This solar heat can pass through the glass and be absorbed by objects in a room, creating a greenhouse effect that traps heat.

An external Sunmaster rollscreen or FTS sun shade creates an effective barrier by blocking the suns rays before they can reach the glass windows.

Sunmaster uses specially developed fabric that contains compounds which absorb and reflect ultra-violet light.

More information on the range of external sunscreens is available from Sunmaster.