Sales of Sun-Power XP Series automatic gate operators have been growing strongly over the past 12 months and SUN-POWER Auto Gates  has been constantly re-adjusting their planning to ensure supply can keep up with demand.
Gate owners and users, whether they be farmers, small block owners or townspeople, are well aware of the time wasted and the inconvenience of stopping to open and close gates. Additionally, there are the “fuel-wise” people who realise that fuel savings are to be made by eliminating the "stop-open-go stop-close-go" that occurs at gates whether they be domestic, rural, or commercial.

Some of the many reasons that sales of the Sun-Power XP Series automatic gate operators continue to grow at a record pace are:

  • Sun-Power XP Series automatic gate operators are Australian made
  • complete dits are supplied in SOLAR and 240v versions at competitive prices
  • an excellent range of visitor access devices [e.g push buttons/keypads] are available
  • a full technical installation/owner’s manual is supplied with each kit
  • technical after sales support is available via email, phone and fax
  • a growing network of dealers/installers across Australia
  • a complete range of spare parts is available
Installed in many industrial sites across Australia, some XP Series automatic gate operators are already working at a rate of 30,000 cycles per year.

Sun-Power XP Series automatic gate operators are packed full of features that make them so popular in Australia, and make them particularly appealing to those who demand quality and performance. Some of these features are:

  • solid, zinc plated steel chassis
  • bronze bushing on rotating shafts and gears
  • zinc plated steel gears
  • battery back-up in 240v and solar units
  • three remote controls in every kit
  • 100% duty-cycle
  • auto close time adjustable
  • self closing or signal to close feature
  • self-locking
  • pre-wired circuit control board
  • suitable for single gates up to 300kg
  • double gate kits available
Now, solar panels supplied in the XP SOLAR automatic gate operator kits will have 20% more charging power which will speed up battery re-charging.