SUN-POWER Auto Gates  offer a range of Solar powered automatic gate operators. Gate automation is an important tool for time and energy saving on farms across Australia, providing much more than simple convenience for the family heading off to town or visiting the neighbours.

Automatic Swing gate equipment have enabled the installation of thousands of Automatic Gate Operators saving countless working hours and litres of fuel each year.

Farmers, including graziers, grain growers, horse breeders, and other livestock producers as well as grape growers and wineries, are now taking advantage of the benefits offered by remote controlled Automatic Gates Operators to simplify access and to control stock movement around their properties.

However, some farmers have seen these Automatic Gates as a luxury rather than a time saving tool. Solar Automatic Gate Operators can save hours of time spend opening and closing gates manually and also saves the stop start energy, which is a high fuel burner.

A quality Solar powered Gate Operator should offer a minimum of 12 cycles per day for 12 days. Standby time [for when the skies are black] is the next important feature other than performance and durability in a SOLAR powered Auto Gate Operator.

Security for family and property is powerfully enhanced where a self-locking Automatic Gate Operator is installed at the main entrance. A ‘Closed and Locked’ gate sends a strong signal to potential trespassers who could otherwise easily enter a property over a ‘grid’ or through a ‘gate and chain’. Insurance Companies look hard at insuring goods that are not secured behind gates that are ‘Closed and Locked’.

Lever Arm action Auto Gate Operators:

Zinc plated 4 and 6 gear reduction units are used to achieve necessary power and torque in quality lever arm Gate Operators. Face width on the gears is important, as this has to transmit the torque, as a guide this should be at least 15 to 20mm high to cope with tough Australian conditions.

The lever Arm Gate Operators use 12VDC or 24VDC motor. The 12VDC is used for starting 4, 6 and 8 cylinder cars and trucks and a single 12V, 7.2A hour battery can deliver over 400 continuous operating cycles. The 24V offers no advantage and adds to the overall cost.

Some operators offer 100% duty cycle, meaning that the unit is capable of non-stop operation. Other features which increase longevity, is the use of bronze bushes on rotating shafts and gears and bronze olives in the arm joints. Self-locking is also a design feature of some lever arm operators. Gate opening of up to 130º as well as the ability to be used on gates opening outward are also good features to look for.

Mechanics are housed in a zinc plated steel chassis with a powder coated steel or plastic weatherproof cover. Some units have the circuit control board pre-wired under the cover, while others have a separate control box.

Worm/Screw Drive Auto Gate Operators:

These units use a small 12V or 24V drive motor to rotate a worm/screw shaft, all of this is enclosed in a casing. Generally these units have a much lower duty cycle and are less efficient.

Some have a tendency to be easily worked open, therefore requires a separate locking mechanism. The inherent design of the worm/screw drive type operators increases the stress on hinges, gate support and gate structure.

Australian made, hybrid and fully imported are the types of Auto Gate Operator on the market. Australian made units have a Lever arm action. The hybrid and fully imported units may have either a worm/screw drive or lever arm action [ A hybrid unit may have an imported motor drive unit and an Australian made control unit.]

The right to use the “AUSTRALIAN MADE” logo is not given lightly and there are few Auto Gate Operators that have qualified for this right. Australian Made products are not facing the same savage price increases as the hybrid and fully imported gate operators due to the reduced value of the Australian Dollar.

Remote controls, digital keypads, push buttons, key switches, card access systems, GSM access systems and intercoms, or combinations of these are used to provide access through Auto Gates.

Automatic Gate Operators are available in SOLAR, 240V, 12VDC and 24VDC and are supplied in Kit form for DIY installation. Installation instructions are included as part of the Kit by genuine suppliers. Some suppliers also offer full technical telephone and email back up. Some suppliers install or arrange for a local installer.

Installation is relatively simple.

To install Lever Arm type with Built-in pre-wired Control:

  1. Install Gate Operator/Install Solar Panel and Antenna. 
  2. Connect solar panel and antenna wires. Make adjustments as necessary.
To install Worm/Screw Drive type and Lever Arm type without Built-in pre-wired Control:

  1. Install Gate Operator/Solar Panel/Antenna. 
  2. Install Control Box. 
  3. Run and connect appropriate wires from Operator to Control Box. 
  4. Connect solar panel & antenna wires. Make adjustments as necessary.