Customers of Sun-Power Auto Gates state their main reasons for purchasing the XP series Auto gate operators are as follows:

  • Security of families and property
  • Convenience - Time and energy saving
  • Fuel saving [No more stop - start – stop – start at the gate]
These auto gate operators, which are designed and built in Australia, address the above issues positively.

XP Solar gate operators from Sun-Power Auto Gates provide a minimum of 7 days at 15 cycles per day without any sunshine and this is achieved by having low power consumption, while still providing sufficient power to open a 300Kg swing gate. Battery back-up is included in the operators.

Often referred to as the ideal tool on the farm, XP series Auto gate operators are used almost every day of the year by many rural and urban families.

Solar operators are being used more and more in urban areas as well as rural areas. This creates savings on electrical connection and running costs.

Radio transmitters [Remote controls] supplied have been factory tested to 200 metres. Many satisfied users report the remotes working at much more than 200 metres.

A 433 MHz antenna is included in the kits to ensure an ideal range.

For safety purpose, XP series Auto gate operators are locked closed. No secondary locking is required.

Accessories and options such as push buttons, digital key-pads, extra remote controls, etc, are readily available to simplify entry of friends/visitors/emergency services and the like.

Complete instructions are supplied with the XP series Auto gate operators. Technical back-up is also available.

During yet another drought affected year, when rural communities were suffering, many people were prepared to expend capital on Sun-Power Auto gate operators to achieve safety, convenience and fuel saving.