Stone Directions  Helidon Pavers come in nine classic colours, 21 co-ordinated designer colours, and three different sizes making them the versatile choice for customers. The classic colour range includes Mocha Blend, Limestone, Wheat, Ivory Pearl Grey, Gunmetal, Walnut, Spice and Vanilla. Stone Directions can recommend what colour Helidon Paver suits the existing area, and what paver compliments others. The three soft, warm coloured tiles are so neutral they match anything including the other tile colours. For a more contemporary look, bright white Ivory pavers can be subdued with soft Wheat pavers.  

A part from exceptional design choices, Helidon Pavers also feature a number of structural features including a 60MPa concrete compressive strength, which is far beyond the strength of regular pavers which are only 35MPa. They also have a breaking strength of 7.2kN which exceeds Australian and New Zealand standards. The Helidon Paver range also has slip resistance, salt resistance and anti-efflorescence which minimises colour lightening.