Stone Directions  has released two types of coping for pool areas including the Square Edge and Bullnose. Both styles can be sized and finished in a number of different ways to suit any customers taste. The three finishes include Artisano, Pavilion and Helidon texture and are available in nine classic colours each. The coping can be made to fit external and internal corners, step risers and straight edges.  

In addition, all Stone Directions pool coping styles are pool salt water resistant and slip resistant. The Square Edge coping is 40 mm high with a 4 by 4 mm triangle cut out of each corner to create an angular modern edge. The Bullnose coping is also 40 mm high with a 3 by 19 mm curved edge cut away from both corners to create a smooth finish. The concrete used to make the coping is UV resistant and slip resistance, with a high compressive and breaking strength.