Porphyry Kerbstones from Stone Directions are a unique, high strength concrete product that looks just like natural stone but with added benefits. The two primary uses are roadway kerbs and for landscaping applications. Authentic reproduction of natural materials is a speciality of Stone Directions and can customise their existing products to suit any project idea.  

Roadway kerbs made from porphyry kerbstones are durable due to their high strength of 60MPa (compared to natural kerbstones which are only 35MPa). The blocks have a simple installation process due to their light weight and regular shape. Brisbane City Council has employed Stone Directors to install porphyry kerbstones around the city to match existing stones because they have the authentic look of natural stone. Colours vary block to block which gives the product a more natural look.  

Porphyry Kerbstones are popular for landscaping use as they have a genuine look of natural stone but with a much easier installation process. They are very durable due to their high concrete strength and are also more uniform than natural stone in both size and shape. Uses include path edging, raised garden beds, kerb garden edge, and step risers.