Stone Directions  Artisano Pavers are a high quality, versatile paver designed for outdoor use. The combination of extensive design choices and concrete technology makes these particular pavers the most suitable choice for any customer. The nine classic Artisano colours includes Plum, Mulberry Mist, Smokey Grape, Chalk, As, Coalface, Chocolate, Latte and Malt. There are also 21 designer co-ordinated colours.  

Artisano Pavers come in 3 main sizes which include 400 series, 500 series and 600 series pavers. There are 27 other accessories including pool coping, steps and wall caps from Stone Directions which will compliment Artisano pavers. Customers can mix and match their colours as they have good tonal variation and feature colour fast technology which prevents UV damage.  

The concrete used in Artisano Pavers has anti-efflorescence which minimises colour lightening, is salt resistant and slip resistant making it an added safety feature in areas frequently wet such as surrounding swimming pools. The paver thickness exceeds Australia and New Zealand standards and the 60 MPa means the Artisano collection has a high compressive strength.