Spinifex Fans has launched a new and improved website to better showcase its wide range of ceiling fans and ceiling fans with lights.   

Spinifex Fans is Australia’s contemporary ceiling fan specialist, focusing on supplying high quality ceiling fans for design minded buyers.  

The new Spinifex Fans website incorporates several useful features such as a 3D virtual showroom, expanded product information, image gallery, online shopping, a CAD library and a resource library.  

The resource library is designed as a valuable information source for architects, designers and consumers to help them make better informed decisions when purchasing ceiling fans.  

Key features of the new website:  

  • 3D virtual showroom 
  • Expanded product information 
  • Technical information on Spinifex products 
  • Image gallery of fans in situ 
  • Online shopping facility 
  • CAD library with 2D construction drawings and 3D render files and colour palettes of ceiling fans 
  • Resource library covering a broad range of ceiling fan-related topics     
Highlights of the resource library:  
  • Ceiling fan selection 
  • Ceiling fan performance 
  • CSIRO’s opinion on ceiling fans 
  • Ceiling fans and SIDs 
  • Ceiling fan noise, causes and mitigation