Australian contemporary ceiling fan specialist, Spinifex Fans recommends the Ron Rezek-designed Altus ceiling fans for spaces with relatively low ceiling heights.   

Altus ceiling fans are designed with three narrow blades to reduce the low ceiling effect. The blades are also mounted beneath the fan body for a minimal drop into low-ceilinged rooms.  

Reduced visual encroachment with the curved bottom on the Altus ceiling fans does not provide any solid reference for the eye to catch on.  

Altus ceiling fans also incorporate safety into the design, preventing potential blade strike with reduced angular momentum thanks to a lighter blade set and small rotor in addition to thicker wooden blades that are less sharp than metal blades.  

According to Lachlan Torrance, a design engineer at Spinifex Fans, the petite design of Altus low ceiling fans does not compromise in any way, their efficiency and powerful air moving capabilities, incorporating several of the engineering properties of super efficient wind turbines used for electricity generation, but with much better looks. 

Altus ceiling fans can also be fixed to longer down rods, making them suitable for any modern interior with their organic and compact design.