A Jaime Kleinert designed farmhouse located in the south coast of NSW has been fitted with Spinifex Fans' Ron Rezek designed Velo ceiling fans for an environmentally friendly cooling solution to complement the farmhouse’s open plan spaces and modern design. 

Situated in farmland behind Milton with views across open paddocks into the surrounding mountains, this house inspired Kleinert to use light and space to blur the boundary between inside and outside living.

The cleverly arranged layout maximises natural airflow from the 2 dominant summer weather patterns felt by the farmhouse; the coastal north east sea-breeze and the southerly buster. However, the summer heat can become overpowering during the middle of the day and the coastal breeze tends to die off in the evening.

In contrast, the raised ceilings of the farmhouse lounge room pose a warming challenge in winter. The warm air from the slow combustion fireplace rises to the high point of the ceiling. When set to their winter mode, the Velo ceiling fans have the capacity to gently bring the warm air back down to floor level. The mixing of the air also helps to minimise window condensation preserving the view out over the paddocks and animals.

The property owners comment on the appeal of the Velo ceiling fans; “We were looking for something modern to suit the house and yet simple and elegant in form so it wasn’t too much of a statement.”

These Velo ceiling fans have a compact minimalist feel while housing all the components necessary for exceptional air movement. They also features a moulded resin aerodynamically shaped blade set, which is efficient, durable and aesthetically pleasing.