Most interior design trends barely last the season; then there are a few that follow a pattern of emergence, development and timeless appeal. Trends such as feature walls, polished natural materials, and black and white tones have stood the test of time.

When you make considered choices in interior design, you can be sure they will remain on-trend for a long time; it also means you don't have to play catch-up every other year to have a great looking interior.

Somfy discusses a few major trends in interior design that are in the emerging and developing stages; including them in your design plans today will ensure timeless elegance for your property.


Many homeowners are increasingly discovering the convenience of making do with the bare minimum when it comes to material possessions. Clutter is out and minimalism is in. The core principle of minimalism is to do more with less, and about choosing quality over quantity when it comes to materials and furniture, with the result being sophisticated comfort or practised leisure.

Artisan fittings

The artisan trend had somewhat faded out during the early 2000s but is seeing a major revival in 2018. From a time when it was fashionable to have all fittings and features for the home imported from Europe or the Middle East, design trends have transitioned to thinking global and acting local, with local sourcing the focus of any interior design strategy.

Locally designed fittings and features are becoming popular with the focus being on one-of-a-kind designs. Recycling and upcycling of industrial and commercial waste materials are recurring themes in this trend while local artists are empowered to practise and develop their craft. The highlight of this trend is the way your property gains from a healthy splash of individuality and connection to the local community.

Home automation

Mainstreaming of home automation products is a recent trend with the consumer segment looking to install smart products and appliances in their home. Consequently, home automation systems, including automated window coverings and lights have added affordability to their reliability and convenience advantages.

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