The rising cost of gas and electricity combined with increasing awareness of the carbon footprint issue highlights the need to reduce energy consumption in the home as well as at work.

Somfy lists out a few ideas for effectively reducing the demand on the electrical grid, which will lead to financial and environmental benefits for all.

Use less energy

The best way to save on your electricity bills is by using less energy in your everyday life. At home, choose a book to read over watching television, and switch to low energy lightbulbs. At work, make it a practice to shut down all computers at the end of the day, leading to energy savings.

Do an energy audit

An energy audit will require you to hire the services of an electrical contractor – the initial spend can be recovered quickly from the savings you will make over time. The energy audit process involves the identification of appliances in your home or business that are consuming the most electricity and then taking steps to reduce this consumption. Additionally, an electrician will be able to pin-point any faults in your electrical wiring that could be increasing power consumption, especially in old properties.

Install solar panels

Solar panels offer a green alternative to grid-sourced power; by generating power onsite, you can reduce your reliance on grid power and lower the impact of soaring energy bills. Best of all, if you have sufficient solar panels, you can even make money feeding the excess energy back into the grid. Installing solar panels is a great way to become more ethically responsible in your energy consumption.

Maximise passive energy efficiency

Simple practices can increase your passive energy efficiency, which is about utilising local climate variations to heat and cool spaces. For instance, you can open your windows to let the hot air in or out. Or, lower blinds or external roller shutters on a hot day to reflect sunlight back outside rather than letting it heat up your internal space. These efforts will help you achieve a comfortable interior environment and reduce your reliance on energy-guzzling air conditioners.

Switch to automatic lighting

Having lights on timers and sensors will ensure they switch on and off automatically at designated times without human intervention. You can save power by keeping the lights on only when needed. Similarly, having automatic safeguards in the workplace can prevent appliances running overnight, given most workplaces are not always fully occupied.

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