Advances in communications technology and increased connectivity have made ‘working at home’ a practical proposition for many people. Many houses today have a room set aside as a ‘home office’. When planning the look of this room, you need to consider all elements that will work together to create the right mood, provide comfort and encourage productivity.

Somfy has put together three factors to consider when selecting window coverings for your home office.


A bright home office will help increase productivity with several studies connecting exposure to natural light with improved work performance. From a financial perspective, a brightly lit room will not depend on electric lights during the day, saving energy for the home.

While abundant natural light in the home office can enhance focus and work efficiency, natural light can also lead to screen glare, causing eye strain.

This problem can be addressed effectively by using light-filtering material on the blinds that reduces heat and glare, blocks damaging UV rays and allows light to fill the room.

Venetian blinds offering precise light control are also perfect for the office ambience. Somfy’s remote controls allow for accurate adjustment of tilting slats to suit your changing needs at all times of the day.


Windows are a welcome feature in any home office because they can bring in abundant light and fresh air. But they can also expose you to the world outside.

By covering windows with blinds or curtains, your privacy can be maintained, especially when you are working late into the night with the lights on.

The downside to working from home is the potential for distractions. With the right window treatments, you can create your own little private space and block out external factors that can disturb or distract you.


Working in an aesthetic environment has its advantages – it can motivate you and make you more creative.

Using roller blinds on the windows in your home office will provide a professional and sleek look. Roller blinds are easy to operate and available in many varieties to perfectly match the style and colour palette of your home office.

Another option is to use wooden Venetian blinds that can also lend an air of sophistication to your study. Wood adds warmth to a room, giving it a natural feel, and leaving you refreshed, relaxed and able to concentrate on work.


The right window treatments in your home office can make the space both practical and beautiful while creating the perfect environment for maximum productivity.

Somfy recommends slatted blinds, such as Venetians that combine a fine aesthetic with great functionality. These blinds not only add a decorative touch to the room but also offer precise control over light and adequate window cover.

Layering your window treatments is another suggestion. Install a blockout roller blind with a light-filtering roller blind to control both light and privacy; layered treatments also elevate the style of your room.

Motorised window coverings from Somfy put the control in your hands so that you spend less time adjusting your blinds. You can control all the window coverings in your home right from your mobile device, or 'set and forget' with schedules on your Connexoon Window RTS app.

There is also the option of sun sensors automatically adjusting your blinds depending on the amount of sunlight, leaving you to your work without distractions.

If you're interested in Somfy motorised window coverings for your home office, or would like to know more about our home automation solution, Connexoon Window RTS, speak to your local Somfy Expert retailer today.