Solar Bright  offer sales and support services for a range of solar products, sky lights and ventilation systems. The range of sky light systems supplied by Solar Bright includes roof windows, tubular sky lights and square sky lights. The Deluxe range of sky lights from Solar Bright can be used as effective alternatives for power lighting systems to brighten up dark areas.

Solar Bright’s solar sky lights can be used for residential, industrial and commercial lighting applications. The tubular sky lights distributed by Solar Bright are environment friendly and use natural and renewable energy source for lighting. These leak-proof natural lighting products are easy to install and maintain.

Through the use of solar sky lights the release of toxic emissions can be reduced. By using natural lighting products, valuable energy resources can be conserved. Industrial organisations and commercial businesses can benefit from the natural lighting systems distributed by Solar Bright.

The ventilation systems supplied by Solar Bright are available in roof ventilations and room ventilation models. The natural lighting products supplied by Solar Bright are available in a range of models and designs.