Solar Bright offers the Deluxe DL tubular skylights system, which offers soft natural daylight to any room of the building and has an Energy Star seal of approval.

The Deluxe DL tubular skylights system helps bring soft natural light into a building. 

They tubular skylights are able to bring natural light into areas where light cannot usually reach, including small spaces where larger skylights do not fit.

The tubular skylights utilise a shaft that reflects the light and spreads it across the interior spaces. It also absorbs 99% of UV rays to help protect rugs, furniture and clothes from fading.

With the installation of a solar powered dimmer, the Tubular Skylights can make light reach rooms natural light cannot, such as bedrooms, theatre rooms and classrooms.

The Deluxe DL tubular skylight systems, from Solar Bright, are made from patented Solar Lens domes that use reflex optic technology to gather sunlight, even in low light hours, and helps increase light through the tube.