Edwards Solar Hot Water began manufacturing water heaters in Australia in 1963. Today the company is an industry leader in producing hot water systems for both residential and commercial applications. Solar Bright is a distributor of leading industry brand Edwards Solar Hot Water.

Edwards Solar Hot Water systems are popular choice throughout Australia with a reputation for superb value for money and innovative engineering.

Features and benefits of Edwards Solar Hot Water storage cylinders from Solar Bright:

  • Roof mounted
  • Manufactured from long life stainless steel
  • Do not require sacrificial anode 
  • Significantly reduces energy consumption
  • Little to no maintenance required ;and
  • Corrosion resistant.  

The exterior covering of the storage cylinders is available in a range of seven contemporary colours. This casing is manufactured from extremely durable and weatherproof COLORBOND steel.

An in-tank electric element booster or a gas in-line continuous flow boosting unit are available to ensure that hot water is available all year round.