The Sol R Siphon from Sol R Heating is an innovative solar air heater designed to heat up a home or workplace in an energy-efficient way.

The Sol R Siphon solar heating system can be easily retrofitted into existing buildings or installed in a new home or business. The basic Sol R Siphon kit comes with all the fittings required for the particular installation with the only variable being the length of ducting required up to the point where the heat is required.

Key elements of the Sol R Siphon kits include heat panels as required; ducting; circulation fan; and an electronic microprocessor controller.

Sol R Siphon panels can be installed in any location that receives adequate sunlight; suitable positions include roofs, walls or even car ports. The only consideration is that the ducting needs to be taken to where the heat is required.

The Sol R Siphon from Sol R Heating can be installed as a DIY project requiring only the basic tools and safety harnesses.