Glazed solar air heaters from Sol R Heating have been tested to be the most efficient in the world. At 89% efficiency, the Sol R Siphon system is now the most efficient glazed solar heater in the world.

An innovation by Con Asciak, the founder and owner of Sol R Heating, the Sol R Siphon system is designed to heat up a home or workplace in an energy efficient way, reducing electricity bills substantially.

Designing and building passive solar homes in Armidale since 1974, Sol R Heating founder Con Asciak developed his interest in natural methods of home heating into an area of expertise, resulting in the Sol R Siphon system.

The Sol R Siphon is a unique patented fin designed solar panel that maximises heat absorption and turbulent airflow to turn energy from the sun into warm air circulating throughout the interior space. Suitable for both residential and commercial environments, it can be installed in existing buildings or designed for new developments.

Sol R Heating also offers optional upgrades to provide even greater operational flexibility with the Sol R Siphon system.

The Fresh Air Upgrade enhances ventilation in the home or office by bringing in fresh air from outside. By heating the fresh air as it enters the home and keeping the space warm and healthy, this upgrade option works better than the old fashioned way of simply opening a window. Moreover, an open window reduces energy efficiency as it will expel already heated air, requiring the fresh cold outside air to be heated from scratch.

Alternatively, the Summer Upgrade allows the home or workplace to be cooled by drawing hot air out at ceiling level and allowing outside cooler air to enter in a reverse cycle effect.