The solar siphon from Sol R Heating is an innovative system that cuts down the heating bills of a home, school, factory or shopping centre by siphoning solar energy from the sun.

Delivering multiple benefits to householders as well as various places of business, Sol R Heating’s solar siphon can be placed in any location that receives sunlight, be it the roof, wall or garden. In addition to sunshine, the solar siphon also requires ducting to the place where heating is required.

Once the solar siphon is installed correctly, the heating energy can be siphoned into the house through the ducting. The siphoned heat can be used to heat cold basements, closets and even a laundry to create a clothes drying room. The heat can be taken to the subfloor area and stored in the subfloor materials for heating after sunset. Though this form of storage is limited, it does contribute to overall energy savings.

When the sun is shining, the regular heating system in the home or building can be switched off. The solar siphon even works on cloudy days, with the system siphoning ambient heat energy from the sun.

The solar siphon’s ability to control the fan based on environmental conditions allows homeowners to come home to a nice warm space; depending on the home’s insulation properties, there may not be any need to turn the heating on before going to bed. Each Sol R Heating solar siphon panel requires a fan to run; however, it consumes very little energy.

The summer mode of the solar siphon facilitates cooling in the home space by removing hot stale air and allowing fresh cooler air from outside to enter, thereby creating a more comfortable environment without the use of an air-conditioner. In extreme hot weather, an air-conditioner will be required to run only for shorter periods saving more money on energy for the homeowner.