Retractable awnings are an excellent way for homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space. If you have a garden or patio, installing a set of awnings that can extend or retract as needed allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors when it’s sunny or under the shade at other times.

Melbourne residents should consider the following factors if they are planning to invest in retractable awnings for their home.


Do a comparative study of prices of folding arm awnings. You will find that they are some of the most expensive window treatment options, with the awnings setting you back by at least $2500 for a basic setup. Consider all options carefully before investing in these awnings.


Some of the best window treatments in the market are made right here in Australia. As are most good retractable awnings - you would surely want one that was designed and fabricated to local standards and can stand up to climate conditions in the country.

Beware of companies that offer you low-cost folding arm awnings at prices that seem too good to be true. These awnings are most likely sourced from China and far inferior in quality, and will be unable to handle outdoor conditions in Australia, leading to quick fading and deterioration.

Terms of Warranty

Buy retractable awnings from manufacturers who offer a full-service warranty. While this may cost a bit more initially, you will find that they are well worth the price. In many cases, reputable manufacturers provide a five-year warranty, which ensures that your folding arm awnings will offer trouble-free service throughout that period.


Factor in the cost of installation when you buy folding arm awnings. The cheapest awnings on the market will not only have quality issues but are also unlikely to come with an installation service. DIY is an option only for those homeowners who have the skills and necessary tools to do so.

If you are not familiar with the installation process, seek assistance from the manufacturer or qualified tradespeople. Doing so will keep your warranty valid too.

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