Window shutters have been an integral part of the home architecture scene for a long time. While they were primarily used to shelter occupants from the elements and even protect them against wild animals, window shutters continue to be popular in home design across Australia, both as exterior and interior window treatment.

While they may not be seen as an effective deterrent against intruders, interior and exterior window shutters do provide decent protection for homes and come with unique advantages.

Advantages of Australian-made interior window shutters

Interior window shutters are replacing regular blinds and drapes traditionally used in many houses, thanks to their versatility.

Improved energy efficiency

Window shutters keep the house warmer in winter and cooler in summertime, reducing energy consumption and cost on the use of climate control systems throughout the year.

Keep furniture from fading

Interior window shutters can be used to control the amount of light allowed to enter the indoor spaces, protecting furnishings and carpets from harmful ultraviolet rays, and preventing premature fading to keep your furniture looking new for much longer.

Easy cleaning

Timber window shutters are extremely low maintenance, only requiring regular dusting and cleaning with a moist cloth.

Advantages of Australian-made exterior window shutters

External window shutters deliver both aesthetic and functional benefits to a home. These shutters not only tremendously enhance the visual appeal of the home exterior, helping boost its real estate value but also provide protection, privacy and security.

Shield windows from damage

Exterior window shutters can safeguard windows from extreme climatic conditions such as hail and strong winds that may otherwise break the glass.

Boost Privacy

Exterior window shutters protect your privacy since they are made of solid material, and can keep individuals from peeking into your home.

Discourage intruders

Though external shutters are not perceived as security features, they can actually prevent burglaries. Most thieves will be deterred from breaking into a home protected by sturdy window shutters such as aluminium shutters as it will take time, increasing the risk of getting caught.

Window shutters are easy to maintain and clean, will last for many years without any need for replacement, and can be made in a variety of materials such as metal, ABS and composite resin.

Shutters Australia can customise both interior and exterior shutters to fit any window.