Motorised blinds deliver all the advantages of a regular window blind system along with the added convenience of remote operation. Combining traditional aesthetics and innovative function, motorised blinds represent an advanced window treatment solution for the home.

Extra convenience in the home

Motorised outdoor blinds are electric blind systems operated with a remote control so that you can open or close the blinds even when you are inside your home. Motorised blinds are the perfect solution for large or spacious homes because they eliminate the need for you to manually open or close them individually. You can also schedule the opening or closing of your alfresco blinds to suit your needs. 

Child and pet-safe window treatments

Electric outdoor blinds are cordless by design, eliminating the risk of accidents or injuries when children or pets play with the cords typically found in traditional blind systems. The cordless design also contributes to an elegant interior space. 

Ideal for high windows

Residents of homes featuring large windows in high or hard-to-reach places are often challenged by the necessity to cover and regulate them. Motorised blinds are ideal for dressing hard-to-reach windows, while giving the occupants the freedom and flexibility to regulate the amount of light coming in at any time of the day without hassle. 

Safety and convenience for seniors

Motorised outdoor blinds are perfect for homes with elderly residents. By incorporating motorised or electric outdoor blinds in the home, they will not only get the assurance of safety and convenience but also the added confidence that they can still ensure privacy in the home despite their physical limitations.