The ALB large louvre blade systems from Schüco Australia offer a complete and proven solution for every solar shading requirement on building facades. ALB shading systems, especially those that feature movable blades, can contribute significantly to lowering the demand for internal air-conditioning, thereby promoting the efficient use of energy and minimising a building’s carbon footprint and overall energy bills.

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, Schüco’s ALB large louvre blades can be fixed horizontally or vertically or even cantilevered on the facade in passive (fixed) or movable (active) versions using concealed motor drives. Passive solar shading systems use hollow blades (105mm to 470mm wide) or sheet metal blades (with widths of 470mm, 580mm and 690mm) while active systems use hollow blades ranging in width from 155mm to 470mm in addition to photovoltaic, needle or ‘hi-tech’ blades.

Active solar shading systems use either a linear drive or a drive concealed within the mullion; in both instances, the motors are invisible externally, making a Schüco ALB installation visually attractive. The advanced motor technology, pre-programmed by Schüco’s specialist software package, allows the blades to be automatically adjusted continuously based on the position of the sun to maximise the solar shading function.

Schüco ALB systems deliver continuous protection to the building against over-heating while optimising the entry of natural light for increased comfort of the occupants. Every installation is designed with the structural loading carefully calculated to ensure the shading function is not limited by the wind factor.