Building envelope specialist, Schüco Australia has launched two new products designed to improve the function of their sliding door systems.

Representing a deep commitment to continuous system development, operational safety and engineering excellence, the new SmartClose and SmartStop products are designed to make Schüco’s sliding door systems more responsive by improving their sliding action.

While SmartStop slows down the moving vent gently but effectively to increase its safety during use, SmartClose enables the vent to be closed softly into the outer frame.

Schüco SmartClose

Schüco SmartClose works by converting the energy generated by the initial pull on the sliding vent into momentum that carries the vent effortlessly along the length of its track until its final insertion into the frame. The action is similar to the soft-closing doors and drawers found in many contemporary kitchens. In addition to making the action of closing the door quieter and safer, SmartClose also eliminates the possibility of damage to the frame by the vent being slammed shut. Mounted discreetly on the top profile of the sliding vent, SmartClose is visually very unobtrusive.

Schüco SmartStop

Using a controlled soft-braking action, Schüco SmartStop enables the vent to be drawn smoothly along its track, bringing it to a stop prior to closing, when it can be locked the normal way. This makes the door safer and more user-friendly. Similar to SmartClose, SmartStop is mounted on the upper profile of the door, and is suitable for vents weighing up to 400kg.

Primarily designed for Schüco’s premium range of sliding doors such as the Schüco ASS 50 and ASS 70.HI, both Schüco SmartClose and Schüco SmartStop products are simple to install and easy to adjust to suit any particular installation.