A cost-effective way to make windows safe from burglars is to install Armorgard Safety and Security Window Film, available from Bekaert Specialty Films .

A manufactured window film that, when applied to the interior surface of a window, forms an invisible protective coating that stretches, Armorgard absorbs a large degree of shock wave so that broken glass is held intact in the window frame. Thieves can’t gain entry easily and children won’t fall into dangerous glass shards.

The Armorgard range includes clear, tinted or reflective safety and security films, which are manufactured with single layer or multiple layers of clear polyester that are laminated together. The entire range has a scratch-resistant surface, ensuring the film will always look as good as the day it was installed.

Aside from the high durability and outstanding protection against glass breakage that Armorgard offers, the film also rejects 99 percent of UV light to reduce fading of soft furnishings. This helps achieve energy savings on air conditioning systems as well reduce heat loss during the winter.

Source: Building Products News.