Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics introduces a new protective film designed to potentially save taxpayers millions of dollars each year in graffiti removal.

The brainchild of Solar Gard Saint-Gobain Australia’s General Manager, Robert Hamilton, the GraffitiTidy is an exciting new development in the fight against graffiti vandalism across Australia. A durable protective film, Solar Gard GraffitiTidy when applied to smooth surfaces, will provide a durable non-stick barrier with hydrophobic qualities to deter liquids. Its low surface energy means that even permanent marker pen marks can simply be wiped off with a dry cloth.

The Keep Australia Beautiful website pegs the estimated cost of graffiti and other forms of vandalism to the Australian community at a massive $2.7 billion a year. In addition to GraffitiTidy’s obvious application in public locations prone to vandalism, the film is also effective and safe for use around the home to protect table-tops and other surfaces from mishaps.

Since the film is clear, vandals won’t realise that GraffitiTidy has been installed on any surface. While the vandals will move on leaving behind their pen and paint artwork, GraffitiTidy will help save valuable time, expense and effort with easy graffiti removal.

Solar Gard Saint-Gobain Australasia’s General Manager, Robert Hamilton comments that GraffitiTidy provides a hassle-free solution for cleaning up tagging and spray painting, addressing the needs of commercial building owners, councils, schools and other private enterprises. He adds that the cost-effective solution provides 24-hour protection to bus shelters, public transport, street signs, garage doors and retail storefronts against graffiti.